Oxford Japanese History Workshop (OJHW)


Hilary 2023

All titles are TBA

Week 2: Manimporok Dotulong

Week 5: Lukas Heller

Week 6: Margaret Bryan

Week 7: Johanna Momm

Week 8: Hiroaki Yoshikawa


Week 8 (10th-11th March): Conference, 'Missing Bodies, Missing Voices: Ordinary Lives and the Reframing of ‘Postwar Japan’ https://www.missingbodiesmissingvoices.com/ 



Michaelmas 2022

Week 1

Thursday 13th October 12-1PM GMT: Introductory Session


Week 2

Wednesday 19th October 12-1PM GMT: Tomajin Morikawa-Fouquet, 'Anarchist Deracialization and Hirano Imao in Transwar Japan (1920–1970s)'


Week 6

Wednesday 16th November 12-1PM GMT: Federica Constantino, Title TBC


Week 7

Wednesday 23rd November 12-1PM GMT: Xiangming Chen, ‘Curators of China Knowledge: Morokoshi meisho zue and Kyoto-Osaka Cultural Networks in Late Tokugawa Japan'




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Since its inception in 2008, the Oxford Japanese History Workshop (OJHW) has fostered a community of intellectuals whose research touches on a wide range of themes, topics, and timescales in Japanese history. The OJHW has been especially committed to the development of innovative approaches in global and transnational history. With an ever-growing number of doctoral researchers, postdoctoral fellows, and affiliated researchers, the OJHW is a burgeoning centre of expertise that continues to generate new understandings of East Asia and beyond. Its members have produced research that has appeared in journals ranging from Modern Asian Studies and The Journal of Asian Studies to The Historical JournalPast and Present, and The American Historical Review. The OJHW continues to host international conferences that bring together specialists in Japanese history and many others working across disciplinary and institutional boundaries. Beyond academia, the OJHW is engaged in a range of outreach and service activities. It strives to bridge the gap between the ivory tower and the general public, working with nonprofit organisations, artists, farming communities, and grassroots activists. The work of OJHW members has appeared in sites ranging from local newspapers to major international events such as the Venice Biennale.

Co-convenors 2022-23: Alice Baldock and Chui-Joe Tham